Mission Statement

“To create a practice environment that provides the highest quality of care and service for the patient and the best possible professional satisfaction for the physicians, nurses and staff.”

Welcome to Derry Urgent Care Clinic. Our Staff and Doctors look forward to providing you with the best of care.

Office Hours

We are open Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 7:00pm and on Saturday between 9:00am and 2:00pm.

Saturdays are exclusively for walk-in visits.

We are closed on Sundays and on all Statutory Holidays.

If you feel that you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately and seek medical attention.


All visits are by appointment only and will be booked only with your regular doctor, except in case of emergency when your doctor is unavailable. Same day appointments are usually available for urgent or sudden illness for existing patients.

When making an appointment, please inform the staff of the nature of your problem(s) so they can book the appropriate amount of time for your visit. Also inform the staff when booking an appointment if you will need a form or note completed.

The appointment you have means that we have reserved time for you. If you miss an appointment without 24 hours notice or reasonable explanation, we will bill you at Ontario Medical Association recommended rates, which are posted in the waiting and examining rooms and are also here.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are handled by our office staff. If you wish to speak to a doctor, it is preferable to make an appointment, so that the problem can be properly assessed and addressed. In order to allow us to provide the best possible care, please do not ask for a diagnosis or a new prescription by phone.


Your doctor will give written prescriptions for your medication for the maximum length of time, including repeats. The best time to get a prescription refill is at your appointment. Contact your Pharmacy if you still have refills remaining. Please make sure you make your appointment for reassessment before you are due to run out of any prescription medication.

We do not provide Telephone or Fax prescriptions without being assessed by your Doctor. Please make an appointment for all prescriptions.

During Walk-in hours, prescriptions for controlled substances will not be issued to patients who are not established with one of our Doctors as their family physician. Refills for established patients will only be issued at the discretion of the physician on duty if he or she is not the patient’s usual physician.

Lab and X-Ray Tests

Our office will only contact you if your tests are abnormal. A staff member will contact you if you need to take immediate action regarding your
results. If the doctor needs to speak to you regarding your results, you will receive a phone call and be asked to schedule an appointment.

If you are curious and anxious to know about your test results, please allow a minimum of five business days after your test so that the results are available to the Doctor. You are welcome to call the Clinic and inquire whether your test results are in and if the Doctor wishes to see you.

Consultations and Specialists

Whenever the opinion or skills of a specialist are in the best interest of your health, your Doctor will write a consultation request and the staff will arrange the appointment. Please do not try to arrange specialist care for a new problem without first discussing with your Doctor in person. In many cases, your family doctor can provide the assessment and treatment that you are seeking. If your doctor agrees that seeing a specialist is appropriate,  we will send the specialist physician your updated medical history and background information to assist them in diagnosis and treatment.

Reminders for Preventive Services

When our records indicate you are overdue to receive recommended immunizations or tests that are used to detect disease in its earliest stages, we will call you to remind and to book an appointment with your Doctor to get the test or vaccination.

If you think that you are due for an immunization or test, please contact our office immediately.

Insured Services (Services Covered by OHIP)

You must present your valid health card each time you come to the office. Patients who do not present a valid health card will be asked for payment. If you move, change work or home phone number, or get a new OHIP card, please be sure to notify us so that we have current contact information for you.

Uninsured Services (Services Not Covered by OHIP)

For services not covered by provincial health plans, current charges are posted in the waiting and examining rooms and are also here.