Infection control policies for the office

Because many people who have some kind of infection and others who are completely healthy visit our office, infection control procedures in the office are important for all of us. The policies are for the protection of patients and staff.

When making an appointment, please mention to the staff if you think you have an infection, or are having a cough or a fever. This can be noted in the appointment schedule and you can take proper precautions when you arrive for your appointment.

On arrival at the office, please use hand cleanser, to thoroughly clean your hands. Many infections are spread by simple hand contact. Some infections are spread by droplets when coughing. If you have a cough, one of the staff may offer you a mask to wear in the waiting room or in the exam room.  If you are feeling unwell, please mention it to the staff at Check-in.

Please let the staffs know about any recent visits to hospitals during Check-in.