Below are our current charges for the services that are not covered by OHIP. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Service Charge
Visits – patient pays only if visit not covered by Canadian Medicare
Complete Physical/General Assessment $170.00
Intermediate Assessment (Regular visit) $70.00
Minor Assessment $45.00
Annual Health Examination (child after second birthday) $95.00

Other Services
Complete Medical and Form Completion (Driver, Superannuation) $195.00
TB Mantoux Test (including certificate if needed) $40.00
Travel Related Consultation and Advice
• One Person $60.00 (plus immunizations)
• Two people $80.00 (plus immunizations)
• Each additional person $20.00 (plus immunizations)
Treatment of non-insured lesions with liquid nitrogen $25.00
Immunization received solely for the purpose of travel outside Canada
• With visit $20.00
• Sole reason for visit $20.00
Certification of Incompetence (financial) including assessment to
determine incompetence $200.00
Completion of Sick Note $15.00
Completion of other Medical Forms (depends on complexity) $25.00 minimum
Disability Tax Credit Form Completion $45.00

Missed Appointments without Prior Notification
Regular visit $25.00
Complete physical or Talk $45.00

Chart Transfer
Copy of electronic chart $35.00

Photocopies $1.00 per page

Dictation and Typing of Insurance or Medical Reports $25.00 minimum

Long Distance and Fax Toll Charges $10.00 minimum

School Medication Administration Form $15.00 minimum